Anti-aging for face, neck and decollete

What is Endermolift?

The Endermolift is an anti-aging technique that strengthens the skin on a deep level to allow the traces of time to fade or disappear, especially in the face, neck and décolleté.

The skin is a living organ in which the cell activity ensures suppleness, firmness and a healthy shine. After the age of 25, the production of collagen and elastin by cells decreases due to aging. The skin loses its firmness and the first wrinkles arise.

Het result?

Because collagen and elastin production is re-established, your contours become nicer and tighter, wrinkles will diminish and the skin will have a blushing, healthy appearance.


How does it work?

Natural stimulation via the Endermolift treatment heads stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in a natural way. This improves the subcutaneous support structure.

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