Endermology is a non-invasive treatment method of skin, subcutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue, using an apparatus of LPG-systems that rolls the skin up and down.

endermologie met cellu M6

Number of treatments

The number of treatments is highly dependent on the extent to which you suffer from cellulite and the objective you set yourself. Experience shows that on average 15 to 20 treatments are needed.
After about 10 treatments there is visible result. Two treatments per week is sufficient and is even desirable for long-standing cellulite, or when you are following a diet at the same time.

It is not desirable for the series to be interrupted before the 10th treatment. After 15 to 20 treatments, one treatment per four weeks is sufficient to maintain the result achieved.

Areas to be treated

The treatment goals include an orange peel (cellulite), fat deposits that are “fixed” and the pre- and post-treatment for fat extraction.

Endermology removes the tissue barriers underlying the cellulite and fat deposits. With endermology you can also treat other medical conditions, such as scars after burns and surgeries, pain complaints to muscles and joints and disorders in the flow of blood and lymph.

The result?

Skin and subcutaneous tissue regain a healthy structure, look better and feel softer. The circulation is restored, resulting in an improvement in the nutritional status of the skin and the subcutaneous structures.

feeling good

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